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CRITICAL ASSET MANAGEMENT EXPERTISE: Aurora Property Resources is a multifamily management company actively seeking management opportunities for properties with 50 to 500 units located in the southeastern United States. The Aurora team brings a broad skill set and discipline to each managed asset developed from hands-on operation and oversight of new construction and rehabilitation properties in North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia and Alabama.

For a new construction property, Aurora's expertise starts at the ground level—from financing, to delivery and maintenance of sticks and bricks, to the chemistry of the sales and service atmosphere on site. As managers of our own portfolio of projects for 18+ years, our team is accustomed to taking “ownership” of a property and maintaining intense oversight to achieve the goals and objectives of the owner. Many of those goals must be met at critical transition periods—while pre-leasing units, inspecting and receiving units from construction, achieving lease-up objectives to produce break-even income, and stabilizing income and occupancy during due diligence periods for property refinance or sale. The Aurora team understands what these pressures and challenges look like from the property owner's seat at the table.

Additionally, the Aurora team has extensive experience in analyzing and revitalizing distressed properties with all of their unique challenges. From managing the rehabilitation of units, to the repositioning and re-leasing of them, we can provide the heavy lifting to help achieve the highest potential from your property to the benefit of owners and investors, quality residents and valued staff.

Have a challenging property? Let us give you a “no strings attached” assessment.

17 South Apartments
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